Arrival and Dismissal Information

Arrival and Dismissal - Students can enter the building no earlier than 8:30am. Dismissal begins at 3:20pm.

Use Kiss & Ride loop to drop off, pick up children. Pull your car as far as possible in the "Kiss and Ride" line to enable multiple cars to discharge or pick-up passengers simultaneously. Discharge your child on the passenger side closest to the building so he/she does not cross traffic. Do not pass other cars in the "Kiss and Ride" line while children are being loaded or discharged.

  • Follow the directions and the guidance of the staff on duty.   
  • Be kind and helpful to staff on duty.
  • Remember the speed limit on school grounds is 5 mph.
  • Teach children how to buckle and unbuckle seatbelts so they can do it independently.
  • Cell phone use prohibited to ensure student and staff safety.
  • Practice so that children can open and close the car door independently.
  • Seat children so they may enter/exit the vehicle easily.
  • Load and unload from the passenger side of the car only.
  • Designate a place in your vehicle where children’s belongings can be positioned for easy access when loading.
  • Say “good-byes” as you approach the unloading area.
  • Remain in the driver’s seat unless assisting your child with bulky items.
  • Vehicles equipped with child protection locks may require assistance for your child to exit the vehicle.  
  • If assistance is needed, please roll down your window and ask the staff on duty.
  • Pull forward as far as possible into the designated Kiss & Ride lane before loading or unloading. 
  • Load and unload in the Kiss & Ride area only.
  • Children may not load/unload items from the trunk/rear compartment of the vehicle.
  • Parking in the parking lot and calling to children to cross between cars is not permitted.
  • Parking in the Kiss & Ride lane and leaving your car unattended is not permitted.
  • Allow additional time on rainy or snowy days.
  • Make sure you and your student know their teacher’s name.

If accompanying your child into the building, please park your car in a designated parking space rather than leaving it in the "Kiss and Ride" traffic lanes. Never leave your keys in the ignition nor leave a locked or unlocked car running. Park in the "Kiss and Ride" lot if picking your child up between 2:30 & 3:25 p.m. to ensure a timely exit. Help us alert your child that you have arrived by hanging your Kiss and Ride number. If you do not have a number, please go to the main office to obtain one.

Please remember that parking along the yellow curb in front of the school is prohibited at any time. This lane must be clear for the arrival of emergency vehicles and the arrival/departure of general education and midday preschool buses.

Bus riders - Bus service is provided for children who live more than one mile from school or where walking is hazardous. Schedules for bus riders are mailed to each student prior to the opening of school. Although the schedules change each year, the current bus schedule shows neighborhoods served and typical stops. KP bus runs are referred to by number (KP -1, KP -2, etc.) All kindergarten students riding regular afternoon school buses are to be met at their bus stop by the parent, day care provider, designated adult or a sibling in 7th grade or higher, or the driver will ask that the school be notified by transportation of the student’s return and provide an estimated return time.

Walkers - Walkers are encouraged to travel to and from school with older children from their neighborhood. Two crossing guards (intersection of Clydesdale and Southampton; intersection of Clydesdale and Eaton Lane ) assist walkers. Kings Glen patrols in orange belts are also stationed in the neighborhood. Walking parents should plan to meet their children in the school lobby at dismissal time. 

Car riders - Parents transporting their children to school should use the "Kiss and Ride" traffic pattern in the diagram to discharge their passengers in the morning and pick up in the afternoon. The lane in front of the school is reserved for the arrival of buses. Please do not discharge students in the upper parking lot. Adult supervision is not available in that area. 

Kiss and Ride Path

Bicycles and skateboards - Bicycles and skateboards are not permitted to be ridden to and from school because of unsafe riding conditions for young children. 

Changes in transportation arrangements - Arrangements to visit friends should be scheduled after children arrive safely at home in the afternoon. Changes in daily transportation should be avoided whenever possible. Consistency of routine is key for young children. Transportation changes should be shared with the office in the morning. 

Requests to ride a different bus home with a friend will not be approved. Our buses are close to seating capacity and we cannot accommodate extra riders for play dates. Every child must be able to be seated before the bus can proceed on its route. It is extremely difficult to track seating capacity on a daily basis and ensure that requests can be safely accommodated.

Should emergency childcare require that another child ride home to your house, please contact the school office to discuss the situation. Those requests will be approved only on a space-available basis, and a back-up plan needs to be in place should there be insufficient seating. Regular riders will receive priority and if space is not available, an adult must be able to pick up the child at school.

In the event that your child must walk or ride a car home with a friend, we ask that the child bring a note to school confirming both parents' approval of this arrangement.

Helping your child find his classroom in the morning - All KP children will receive a name tag in their August "welcome back" letters to wear during the first weeks of school. Upon learning the teacher's name and room number at Open House, parents should record this information. KP staff members are stationed outside and throughout the building each morning to help children find their classrooms.

Helping your child find the right bus at dismissal - Parents should record the child's dismissal arrangements (walk, car rider, bus number and stop, etc.) on the nametag received in August "welcome back" letters. Teachers use this information to create a master list of transportation arrangements for the class.

Kindergarten students will have yellow tape added to their backpack.

Authorizing others to pick up your child - Be sure to list those persons who may pick up your child on the Emergency Care Form sent home on the first day of school or available online. This is especially important if your child becomes ill at school or misses the bus, of if you delayed in traffic. Update this form throughout the year as necessary. The school cannot release your child to neighbors or relatives unless they are listed on the Emergency Care Form.